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QuickTime is Required to See the Panoramas

get QuickTime

You must have QuickTime to view the VR panoramas on this site. If you have a Macintosh, or a new computer of many other kinds, it is probably already installed.

QuickTime is available free from Apple Computer. It runs on both Macintosh and Windows, and provides an amazing number of features. In addition to VR panoramas, it supports the highest quality movies, live streaming video, and many sound formats. QuickTime is the software behind iTunes, the iPod, and the iPhone, as well as QTVR (VR panoramas).

If you do not already have QuickTime installed, just click the icon above to go to the Apple download site.

Problems with Windows

If you are using a version of Microsoft Windows you may have trouble with these pages. If you have annoying messages that prevent you from viewing the panoramas, just click okay (or do what it tells you to do) and continue on. I promise that the end result (seeing the panoramas) will be worth it.

Many problems that Windows users encounter with web sites can be cured easily by using Firefox as a web browser, instead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It is free and can be downloaded at

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If you have QuickTime installed, and haven't been thwarted by Microsoft's software, you should see a revolving panorama of Morro Bay to the left.