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The Milepost, by Kris Valencia Graef (editor)

This book, updated annually since 1949, is an institution. It started as a mile by mile guide to the Alaska Highway when it first opened to civilian traffic. In those days you really needed a guidebook, because it might be 200 miles between gas stations, campgrounds were scarce, and motels almost non-existent. As automobile tourism to Alaska expanded, so did The Milepost, so that now it covers essentially every driveable road in Alaska, the Yukon, and northern British Columbia.

The format is simple: each major road is described mile by mile. It lists every roadside attraction, every service for travellers, almost every business. There are ads mixed in with the text, which some people find tacky, but they are really very useful. The maps are simple and schematic, but easy to read and perfectly suited to their purpose. The photographs are small but well chosen.

The main road in this area is of course the Alaska Highway, which runs through northern British Columbia and the Yukon to Fairbanks, Alaska. But all other important roads, and even some of the very long gravel highways such as the Dempster, are covered in the same detail. Coverage actually extends down to Great Falls, Montana, and Seattle, Washington (the two main approaches to the Alaska Highway.

In addition to highway information there are sections on ferries and railroads, and the roadless communities of the Inside Passage.

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